Domburg | 15. – 18.04.2018

Welcome, all you!

First travelogue everrrr! And it’s about my favorite place in the Netherlands: Domburg! I have been there already so many times but never get bored of it. Also, it is a great place for a One-Day-Trip to the sea 🙃

This time, me and my parents went there rather spontaneous for 4 days, we booked it like 2 weeks ahead. As there was no holiday in Germany or the Netherlands, and as it was only April, we were lucky and had no problem getting our favorite apartment there. Around here, April is a month that can deliver any weather at any time. You had sun yesterday and it was soooo hot? Well, might be that today will be the worst of rain. And it’s even worse at the coast! I rarely look at my weather forecast when I am at Domburg, it just doesn’t work. Weather is changing way to quick there! And I have to admit, I was expecting rain. Every time we stay there for even one night it rains. All. The. Time.

Day 1

When we arrived on Sunday, everything looked like that was going to happen again. It was a little cloudy and quite stormy when we arrived. When we had breakfast at “Bij Juls”, I already joked about visiting my favorite stores in the next bigger town, Middelburg.

We spent almost the whole day at the beach, as we couldn’t get into our apartment before 3 pm. But my mom booked one of the small beach houses where you can store all your stuff, have deckchairs and a windshield in it PLUS you have shelter when it starts raining (it came in handy when it started dripping that day…)! We could “move in” there right when we arrived, which was great, as we could pack all our beach stuff in there instead of first into the apartment and then carrying it there.

When we moved into the apartment, the first thing I did was entering the store right beneath it – it’s called Dogsmopolitan. Guess what – dog toys and treats and all the nice things my dog doesn’t own. When we walked past it after breakfast when Hugo needed a little walk, I already tested, what he would like. The only thing he really was interested was a small blue ball by Chuckit*, which I then bought for him. He was so happy when I gave that ball to him, no toy I brought with us was good enough after that 🙄

When we parked the car in the garage of our apartment – which is a little walk away – we went to the supermarket to get something fresh for the beach and food for our breakfast the next day. I love their supermarket!! They have so many good things that we don’t have, for example super fresh super good roastbeef or delicious chocolate or fancy cookies 😍

We ate at “The Domburger” that night, a quite new Burger restaurant. It is a little pricey, but the atmosphere there is quite nice, just like the staff. I am not that into pickles, so I ordered my Burger (“Say Cheese”) without it, which was no problem at all. It was ok, but actually not even close to my favorite burger restaurants.

Day 2

First things first, my dog needed a little walk, so when I woke up, I headed to the beach in my PJ’s. As the beach is only away like 500 meters, it didn’t take me really long to get there, but as my dog is really picky with his “bathroom”…let me say, he needed time.

When I came back, my father already left for the beach, but my mom and I didn’t want to leave right on, as it still was quite windy, so we decided to visit some of the shops first. Domburg has some cute little shops, some are really pricey and some are in a normal price range. In one of the shops, I fell in love with a knitted jacket. I had to visit it two more times to be sure that I should buy it – but I did finally! The seller even recognized me when I decided to buy it the next day, as I again was sneaking around 🙈

When we were finished with walking through the stores, we picked up the dog and left for the beach. It was mostly sunny but windy, so it wasn’t really warm. I hid behind the windshield the whole time, just so I could leave my jacket off 🙈 Friends of my parents were in Domburg, too, so they visited us at our cabin, and my parents went to have a drink with them at one of the beach pavilions.

That night we ate at one of the Italian restaurants, Milano. The pizza seemed to be their bestseller, but my parents and I went with the pasta and lasagna. My pasta aglio e olio was really good! The staff was really nice and served quite fast. I tried the Dame Blanche, but that was definitely no masterpiece, sorry to say.

Day 3

Started again with bringing my dog to his bathroom. On the way back I went to the local bakery. No dogs allowed inside, so I had to tie Hugo outside. He didn’t really understand that he is not allowed to follow, so he sat on the carpet in the entry of the bakery. I was just getting my stuff as the other lady told me to get the dog out 🙄 I mean, I was just about to go anyway, there was no food around my dog, why?

As they were digging out the sandbanks – right in front of our beach cabin of course – my mother and I again decided to look through the stores, we went to the few ones missing from the day before. And again, I looked after that jacket. You see, it didn’t leave me alone. I wasn’t sure about the colors and the price and if I would wear it and when yes then with what – but sometimes it happens, that you know when you don’t buy something, you’ll regret it 🤷🏼‍♀️ so when we were at the beach, I decided that I needed to have it.

My parents and their friends again went to the next beach pavilion, De Stenen Toko. When Hugo needed to visit his “bathroom” again, because he needs grass for it, I needed to leave our beach cabin. And as I had to move all our stuff inside, I decided that I could go to that pavilion, too, and have some lunch. I got whole-grain bread roll with goat cheese, which was really really good, and a Liefmanns fruitesse – right now my favorite fruit beer around there.

For dinner, we met up with my parents’ friends. Of course, I wore my new jacket, what else 💁🏼‍♀️ We went to Brasserie Domburg, and as I wanted some fish for dinner for days, I decided to go with the fish & chips – they were awesome! And, absolutely must at that restaurant, creme bruleé! SO GOOD!! After that, we went to Markt Zes, which is just right across our street. You can drink fancy beer, and I love to test fruit beer, so I tried two of those.

As we had to check out the next day, we had to pack our stuff already. But as I did not pack too much, I was really quick. Hugo did notice that somethings changing again and was a little unsure what to do. Sometimes I wish you could just tell them what’s happening, that would make things so much easier…

Day 4

On our last day, we had to bring back the keys at 10, so we had to get up earlier. I got the car, we packed everything in there and brought the key to the hotel. We planned to park our car on a free parking area, but when we arrived there, it turned out, that they are currently under construction. So we had to change our plans from free to 12,50€ and parked right at the beach.

We had a great day there! It was super warm, nearly no wind, full sun. Hugo was still confused though, and I think he had enough of our short trip.

For our lunch, we went to the local beach pavilion again, De Stenen Toko. I just went with the same thing I ate the day before, whole-grain bread roll with goat cheese.

We packed our stuff around 4 pm and put everything into the car, then went for the last dinner for this time. We decided for Markt Zes. I could not find anything on its menu that wasn’t super pricey or things I really liked, so I went with a tarte tartin with sweet potatoes. It was okay, but…well, I’d rather have had some fries from across the street 🤷🏼‍♀️ My mom had a salad with goat cheese with what she was super pleased, so maybe I just made a bad decision. Next time I will be wiser 💪🏻

Well, after that we already left Domburg! But be sure, little town, I will be coming back in summer!


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