What essentials belong in your First-Aid-Kit?

I am one of those guys that wants to be prepared for like, everything. This is why I have always some essential „First Aid“-things with me when I go on a trip. You‘re anything like me? Well, here is my list for my First-Aid-Kit!


Iberogast is a natural antinauseant, made of 9 herbs. It tastes really bitter, but it helps really good! The ingredients are candytuft (Iberis Amara, this is where the name comes from), angelica root, milk thistle fruit, celandine herb, caraway fruit, licorice root, peppermint herb, balm leaf and chamomile flower. It is originally from Germany, but it is available in other countries, too. And it‘s without prescription! I always have that in reach when I travel by bus. You never know what the driver is like 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️

Aspirin plus C

I react to painkillers close to „not at all“, but this is my cure for bad headaches, hangovers and colds. I carry at least 2 of those in my First-Aid-Kit, as they take away, like, no space.


Again, something against nausea. When I went to London in January, I managed to get myself food poisoned just 4 days before. As I had A LOT of food plans there, I needed something to settle my stomach. Riopan did that (most times). For me a little downside: it tastes like marzipan, and I really hate that stuff. But most people like it, so I might be with the minority on disliking the taste…


I always carry some with me. I like to have the elastic-type by Hansaplast, I experienced they work best for me and my uses. When I have my normal First-Aid-Kit, I always have two types with me: the pre-cut ones and the ones you have to cut yourself. There might be a wound that is a little larger than the pre-cut ones or on your fingertip etc., so I like to be prepared on that as well 🤓 (Don‘t forget mini scissors when you take uncut ones with you!)


Betaisodona is iodine. It is used to disinfect open wounds. By now I use it for nearly every wound I have, as I made the experience that they heal much quicker then. So it is definitely a must for me!


When I get a cold, the first thing I lose is my voice. And I mean, totally. No sound. Mucoangin are cough tablets which have a numbing effect. They work really great for me, I have my voice back in a few hours to a day. I always get the ones with wild berry flavor, so they don‘t even really taste like medicine 😊

Herpes Creme & Herpes Patches

It is really annoying, but I always get herpes on my lower lip when I am really stressed out (and biting my lip…), when I was really grossed out by something or when I get too much sun, like when I am snowboarding (reflecting snow does not help me here…). So I always have a Creme and Patches with me, to get rid of it really soon. I am currently using Aciclovir by Ratiopharm and patches by a German drugstore (DM). Both work really great for me.

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy against nausea (after heavy drinking or eating) or when you threw up. I use D6 as potency. It is super easy to use: In the first 1-2 hours, you‘ll take 5 globules every 15 minutes, then only 3 times per day 5 globules. So, for example when you start using it in the morning around 8, you take 5 globules every 15 minutes until 10, then 5 around 12 or so and 5 around 6 pm.


As I wear glasses the most times, I don‘t have this problem as often anymore: conjunctivitis. When I wore/wear contact lenses and I get too much air condition in my face (for example in the car), my eyes show that really quick. They turn red, start to itch, and are watering a lot. Euphrasia is also a homeopathic remedy, I use it – just as Nux Vomica – as D6 potency. The intake is the same 😊


I don‘t have these with me as often as I had when I still wore contact lenses a lot. But when I am snowboarding, I always have one or two of the ones for single use with me.


Prospan is a natural remedy against a cough. No alcohol involved here (or at least, near to zero), so you won‘t feel wasted. I always buy the one for children, it is thick and sweet and helps me in just one day SO much. I always start to use it when I feel that I really need to cough but can‘t do it already, so that it‘s loosening.


This is definitely one of the things in my First-Aid-Kit that I don‘t bring on every trip. But as I have knee problems, I always have a roll with me when I know that I will walk a lot or do a lot of exercise (or snowboard.). I can definitely recommend trying taping, it really helps me when my knees are getting worse. There are some great videos on YouTube that teach you different techniques, too!👩🏼‍⚕️

Blistering Plasters

Again, I don‘t carry these ones always, but you never know when you‘re walking around a lot. Even the most comfortable shoes can hurt when your sock is just working against you (yes, I have been there 🙄). So: city trips or a lot of exercise, always blistering plasters with me.


Against mosquito bites I use Azaron. Of course, this is mostly relevant in summer or tropic areas. But then, I always have it with me, as mosquitos like me wayyy too much…🙄


This post is NOT sponsored in any way, these are all recommendations of products that I am using. Some are always with me, some are not – but this also depends on the kind of adventure I am on 😊 These are the German versions of the remedies I use, but I am sure, the most of them are available in your country, too. I try not to take too many chemicals when I don‘t have to, so on my list is often a natural remedy. And remember: this is only what works for me, there is no guarantee that it will work for you, too. And if your symptoms last longer than a week and you just don‘t feel better at all, you really should go and see a doctor! 🤒

You want this as a PDF-Checklist? Great! I have one for you right here!

Emergency Card, Emergency ID

What’s an emergency card? | + free Printable!

I hope you never had an accident in foreign countries before, but you might have had one or two thoughts about having one when you travel. What would happen? How is the medical assistance in the country you travel to? Are you insured? What information will they need so they can help you?

For Example, in Germany, we’re compulsorily insured. That gives us access to health care in Germany, but the rules in foreign countries are different. You should always check those in advance! You might have to pay medical treatments beforehand and get the money back by your insurance when you’re back home, maybe it is no problem and your insurance covers the expenses immediately. There are also additional insurances that cover return transport to your home country when you’re injured.

But what happens before all that, when you’re not conscious? How do they know anything about you and the health issues you maybe already have, for example, the medications you need or your allergies? That’s what an emergency card or emergency ID is for. It normally has the size of a credit card, so you can carry it in your purse.


What belongs on your emergency card?

But what should be on it?

  • Name
  • Adress
  • Emergency contact (+ phone number)
  • Age
  • Hight
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Distinguishing Mark
  • Blood Type
  • Medical Info
  • Picture
  • Organ Donor?

I have a free printable for you, you can get your Download here! It is an interactive PDF, so you can fill it out in your PDF-Viewer and print it afterward! The Image-Size is 19,5mm x 26,5mm ☺

Emergency ID

If you’re more the digital kind of person and you have an iPhone, you can fill out an emergency ID in your Health-App!


And your Dog’s emergency card?

You’ll need a different one for your dog, though. This one is for when your dog is alone at home and you’re out and get injured and as a little cheat sheet for you.

  • Name
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Picture
  • Person to contact
  • Medical Info

You can get that one here! The Image-Size is 21mm x 29mm ☺

Emergency ID Dog

You want both? No problem, too! There you go! ☺


I laminated mine, so they will last a little longer.

Stay safe on your Mini Adventures! ❤

Emergency Card, Emergency ID


What you will need in your camera bag!

Ever wondered what really belongs in your camera bag? Today I want to show you whats in mine and how I keep it all together!

I’ll put the links of the bought products in this post. Some of them are Affiliate Links (Amazon DE), you don’t pay extra when you order via these links, but I get some money for it ☺

I think, the essential part in a camera bag is your camera 😉 For me, I choose the Sony Alpha 6000 to be my travel companion. But even when that’s not your choice, this list will still work for you ☺

I don’t like the boring look of the camera strap that comes with the camera, so I decided to buy a prettier one. With my DSLR I had to pick a broader one, so the weight wouldn’t be too heavy on my neck, but as the Sony Alpha 6000 is a lot smaller and lighter, I could go with something thinner. I decided on this strap, a dark green round twine.

My next camera bag essential: definitely spare batteries! You don’t want to stand in Venice, have a really nice view right in front of you, want to take a photograph and…have an empty battery PLUS no spare one with you. I learned from that mistake 🙄 So one of the first things I ordered were these two spare batteries with a double charger. As the Camera came just with a charging cable and no real charger, that was a plus for me, too. I just like it better to charge the batteries OUTSIDE of my camera.

As I like my bag clean and tidy, I needed a case to carry the batteries in. So I ordered this one from AliExpress. I liked the simple look, although I was not sure, if it would fit both of the batteries. They do 😏

On the picture you see one more thing that I carry in this case: Silica-Packs! There is always the possibility that some of your gear gets a little moist, maybe because of rain, maybe your water bottle spilled over…you never know! Silica is for absorbing this moisture. Don’t get me wrong, it is no sponge and it won’t help when everything is soaked. But it can handle a little moisture. It is often used in shoe boxes or new handbags, so you could gather them this way or buy a pack of it, for example on AliExpress.

When I decided to get this photography journey started again, I learned about filters (again). When I got my DSLR my mom bought me some filters, one UV-filter, 1-2 colored ones. But when I was in that first photography course I took, I learned, that they were fully useless as my camera could do that too. So filters were kind of dead for me until I signed in an Udemy Photography Course and they talked about Neutral Density (ND-) filters and Polarization-filters.

The ND-filters are used when you need to have a long exposure time in full sunshine. ND-filters are grey shades that make let less light through your lens. As I am lazy and didn’t want to change the filters constantly, I decided to go with a variable one from GOBE.

Polarization-filters are used when you don’t want to have reflections, for example when photographing through a window or a reflection on water. You have to turn them and set them right, so they can do their magic. Again I went with one from GOBE.

As the filters come in really large boxes, I ordered a filter case via AliExpress, but as it is for all sizes of filters, it was as huge as the original boxes. I then tried a filter stack, which actually are just two lids that you can screw on. Didn’t fit for the variable ND-filter. And there comes my battery case again: as there was still room in it, I was happy to find out that the two filters fit in there, too! I wrap them in microfiber cloth, so they don’t get scratches.

I also carry a USB-charging cable in there.

I searched really long for pretty, useful and affordable camera bags, but I couldn’t find one that I liked. So I ordered this camera bag insert from AliExpress, to make every bag I own a camera bag 😌 Both my camera and my Battery- & Filter-Case stick out a little, but not too much.

I also carry a powerbank with me. It’s a slim with 20.000 mAh one from Amazon, but I can’t recommend you this seller AT ALL, so there is no link for that, sorry. The product is okay, but arrived with a lot of scratches on it when declared as new – wasn’t a fan of that at all! But there are a lot of good products out there ☺

When on longer trips, I also take the double battery charger with me, which fits just perfectly fine with the powerbank in this small case from AliExpress!

Done with packing! Everything neat and clean in it’s own case ☺

I am currently waiting on a gorilla pod, so a tripod might go on this list, too. That depends on your plans! But when you want to try out the ND-filter with long exposure time, you probably should go with one 😉

This list contains the things that I use and find useful on a trip – there might be some stuff that you would prefer or things you need that are not on this list. If you have more camera objectives you might need a case for them or a dust blower or the lens caps, etc. You maybe never want to leave without your tripod. This list is to inspire you, it is not perfection!

You want this list as a PDF? Get yours here!