Emergency Card, Emergency ID

What’s an emergency card? | + free Printable!

I hope you never had an accident in foreign countries before, but you might have had one or two thoughts about having one when you travel. What would happen? How is the medical assistance in the country you travel to? Are you insured? What information will they need so they can help you?

For Example, in Germany, we’re compulsorily insured. That gives us access to health care in Germany, but the rules in foreign countries are different. You should always check those in advance! You might have to pay medical treatments beforehand and get the money back by your insurance when you’re back home, maybe it is no problem and your insurance covers the expenses immediately. There are also additional insurances that cover return transport to your home country when you’re injured.

But what happens before all that, when you’re not conscious? How do they know anything about you and the health issues you maybe already have, for example, the medications you need or your allergies? That’s what an emergency card or emergency ID is for. It normally has the size of a credit card, so you can carry it in your purse.


What belongs on your emergency card?

But what should be on it?

  • Name
  • Adress
  • Emergency contact (+ phone number)
  • Age
  • Hight
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Distinguishing Mark
  • Blood Type
  • Medical Info
  • Picture
  • Organ Donor?

I have a free printable for you, you can get your Download here! It is an interactive PDF, so you can fill it out in your PDF-Viewer and print it afterward! The Image-Size is 19,5mm x 26,5mm ☺

Emergency ID

If you’re more the digital kind of person and you have an iPhone, you can fill out an emergency ID in your Health-App!


And your Dog’s emergency card?

You’ll need a different one for your dog, though. This one is for when your dog is alone at home and you’re out and get injured and as a little cheat sheet for you.

  • Name
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Picture
  • Person to contact
  • Medical Info

You can get that one here! The Image-Size is 21mm x 29mm ☺

Emergency ID Dog

You want both? No problem, too! There you go! ☺


I laminated mine, so they will last a little longer.

Stay safe on your Mini Adventures! ❤

Emergency Card, Emergency ID


Why you should want a camper van NOW

Did you ever wonder what that hype is all about with Camper Vans, #nomadlife and #vanlife? Well, here is a list with reasons why you should want a camper van of your own NOW!

Just go whenever and wherever you want

I think that one of the biggest pluses is definitely going wherever you want and whenever you want. Just getting in your van and drive in any direction sounds really great to me. You don’t really have to plan your route when you see the whole trip as your adventure. See an interesting city along the road? Just go and see it! You never have to mind about something taking too long, you have a home on wheels!

Sleeping in the car becomes comfy

Talking about home on wheels, sleeping in your car now isn’t the worst case anymore! You can have a real bed with a mattress you love, your favorite pillows and blankets. It’s also kind of a fallback, visiting somewhere took too long and you’re just SO tired? You should never drive when you’re overtired, but now you don’t have to take back pain instead of tiredness. Couldn’t find a hotel room? Camper Van!

Driving License allows Vans

At least in Germany, we need a different license for vehicles over 3,5 tons and another one for trailers. This would include caravans. So a Van is THE option when you don’t have those licenses (I don’t 🤷🏼‍♀️).

Work from anywhere

Nowadays there are a lot of options to work from home, even when you’re working for a big company. If you coordinate that with your employer, you might do that while on the road, depending on your job of course. It might be hard for a factory worker to work for their company while traveling another country 😉

But there are other ways to work while you travel. If you’re self-employed and your job is internet-based like I am for example. Or maybe you have a successful blog or are a journalist that can send in their stories every once in a while.

Not timebound

One of my favorites: you’re free to stay as long as you’d like. You’re not dependent on hotel availability or weather or minimum days or anything like that. You’re at the beach and the weather turns from really bad to super good right when you planned to leave? No problem with a camper van!

Dogs are always allowed

One of the most important things for us dog owners: you will never have to look for a pet-friendly hotel again! You’ll always able to take your furry best friend(s) with you, no more worries if they are allowed in your room or not. You have your camper van!

What type of Camper Van should you want?

What type of Van you should aim for, really depends on what you want and in which countries you want to travel with it. There are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Old or new?
  • Which type of driving? (diesel? gas? electric?)
  • Do you want to work on it? Or should it be “ready to go”?
  • What does it have to be? Home on Wheels? Just a place to sleep?
  • Do you need it to be an office, too?
  • Where will you go? Does your camper van need special abilities for that? (air condition? good isolation?)


I, for example, would love an old camper van where I can get creative with the interior and make it my own, that is an electronic vehicle that charges through a solar panel. That would be fantastic, you’d have enough power for inside and your car would be autonomous from gas stations. But I guess, someone would have to invent that first 😅

And now: start dreaming of your own camper van for your Mini Adventures!



Cologne // Köln | Racecourse Weidenpesch

Have you ever been to a Horserace? It has this special, almost magical feeling. If it weren’t for the big LCD-displays you could think that you’re right back in 1930. Horse races have been big back then, just remember the movie “Seabiscuit” or “Secretariat” (even though he was already in the 1970ies). Crowds and crowds of people running for the betting office, having their all-time favorite racehorse, knowing exactly which jockey works for which stable, and being excited about the next race. They wore their best clothes on the racecourse and celebrated it, in front of the radio or on the course itself.

Although horseraces are not really a thing anymore, the racecourse in Cologne Weidenpesch is well-frequented on every race day. My parents went there with me for the first time when I was a baby and since then I am hooked. When I was a little girl I always had to go and see the horses as I was that typical horse-girl. Now I love roaming around, betting against my friends, eating potato pancakes with applesauce, but mostly watch all the people. There are so many different kinds of people, it’s awesome. Some wear their everyday clothes, some wear hats and dresses or suits. Some come and sit on the stands, some have a picknick on the lawn before the stands, even with the beach shelters they brought. I think it’s great to see how everybody gives these events their own touch. There is no right or wrong way to “do horseraces”. That’s the best part: it is for everybody. You can bring your dogs, your own food and drinks, it can get a small family holiday or a day out with your friends.

When I go there, I do bet on the races. Not to win money, but to make it even more exciting. Normally, I bet on the horses with the funniest names, the best tricots, or a jockey that I know. Sometimes I even look at their statistics from their last races, but that’s rather unusual. I always bet for 1€ and I am already satisfied when my horse was faster than the one of my friends 🙈 When I went there at the beginning of may, I lost every single bet. And still, I think I’ll stick to my strategy 😉

There were times when the racecourse was really bad frequented and I was afraid that it might get closed due to it. But people found out about this place again, they did a really intense marketing (although the only part I like about it was the re-design of their website…) and the place became more lively again. I am still waiting for a repaint of the stands, maybe they read this and will paint them after that 😉



Food and drinks on the racecourse are not the cheapest, so it’s smart to bring at least your own drinks with you in the summer months. I paid 3,50€ for a Fassbrause, Softdrinks like Fanta and Coca-Cola are at 3€, Water is 2,50€. For my potato pancake with applesauce, I paid 5€.

The admissions differ a bit. You have different options to go with, as I love the main tribune I am paying 10€, which is their students offer. The normal price is at 12€. You can find their prices here. I think it is a really good price for what you get, a whole day full of fun!

I can totally recommend a day on the racecourse! It is not too pricey, you can bring your own food and drinks, it’s no problem to bring your dogs (but: not without a leash!), you can spend a great day with family and/or friends.


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