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You might have seen on Instagram that I did a Day-Trip to Königswinter on Pentecost. I and my parents have never been to Palace Drachenburg, so we decided to visit it. As it was really nice weather on Monday, we decided it was about time to finally see it. Königswinter is about 45 minutes (by car) from Cologne. It wasn’t really clever to go there on an official holiday in Germany…it took us quite some time to find a parking place and we visited with quite a lot people.

On the way from the parking area to the Palace is a small hall, the “Nibelungenhalle“. The Nibelungen is an old German saga. Richard Wagner composed a really famous musical piece about it, and this hall in Königswinter has been sponsored by the Richard Wagner foundation Germany. Today it is in private hand, but the theme stays the same: Siegfried, the hero of the Nibelungen saga, killed a dragon. It is said, that this happened at this exact place.

In the hall are paintings that show the different acts of Wagner’s opera. They play the matching music quietly in the background. But I thought that the dome was much more impressive than the paintings. It is painted in a really nice dark blue with lead glass windows that show the zodiac signs.

When you leave the hall and keep right, you’ll enter a really dark path. As the sun was shining so bright, it was really hard to actually see the way instead of feeling out. When you finally find the way out, you’ll enter a small yard with a little pond and a stone dragon. He looks quite cheeky, doesn’t he? 😏

After that, you’ll enter the reptile house. They have a lot of different snakes, some tarantulas, lizards and some crocodiles. It was really hot in there as they have a flat roof and the sun was burning the whole day. Behind the reptile house are some aviaries with parrots and the open-air enclosure of these two Mississippi crocodiles.

I have to admit that I was not too impressed. From the outside, the hall looks really promising, but from the inside…well. I found it with 5€ for the entrance quite expensive. I think you can put some more love in it than the way they do it right now. The reptile house might be great for kids, but the hall would be boring for them I guess. For me, it definitely was, although I love those sagas 🤷🏼‍♀️ But, you can bring your dog!



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