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I think as most of us, I saw Bubblewrap Waffles on Instagram first. As it has been a while since I have been to London, I decided to go there last autumn in October. I found a quite cheap way there: by bus! You start on Friday night, drive through the night, at around 3-4 am you’re at the ferry. Dover at around 5-6 am, London at 7 am. The whole day in London, returning at 10 pm, same way back. You should be well aware that sleeping on the bus might go wrong, but I found it great for getting that “London vibe” ☺

So, when I went to London in October, I had Bubblewrap Waffles on my list, just like Milktrain Café. But this happened:

Well, I guess I wasn’t the only tourist that follows their Instagram that day in London 🙈

BUT! I returned! 💪🏻 I went back to London for a day this January, and this time I had the goal to try a Bubblewaffle! And what shall I say, I did 😏

I have to admit, I did not try too many fancy toppings and had no ice cream with it (I just recovered from food poisoning that week…lucky me…), so I only had strawberries, raspberries and caramel topping, but it was great! As they turn the waffle irons during baking, they are really crisp but not filled out with dough.  I liked that a lot, it tasted really different to the filled ones from sunnysu in Cologne.

We were kind of lucky on the second try for Bubblewaffles, as we somehow made it there when only very few others wanted a waffle. It “only” took us like 20 minutes to get ours, which we spend on deciding which toppings we would have. Maybe it’s better when you don’t go there on a Saturday 😅 But you should definitely try one!

The only downside is the small place itself, you line up in two rows and it is really really narrow. There is no place to have a seat, so you have to eat it “on the go”. A little bigger would not hurt, but of course, it doesn’t change the taste of the waffles 😉




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